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標題: Jerseys Wholesale in effect [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Nuu    時間: 2018-11-9 04:45     標題: Jerseys Wholesale in effect

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"We've learned some hard lessons here of late,Wholesale China Jerseys, the last couple years of maybe playing some players that probably weren't quite ready because of the scheme of we're playing of utilizing your best players,Scarpe Nike Nuove, and that's a trap you just don't want to fall into as a coach,Wholesale Shoes China," McCarthy said. "Everybody prepares this way. We're just tilting a little more that way than we have in the past."
The addition of Peppers,Wholesale Jerseys China, in effect,Cheap NFL Jerseys, could fit well into that philosophy given his history as a hybrid defensive end-linebacker. The Packers also transitioned Mike Neal into a similar role last season with some success.

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