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Eli had a perfect record at the zoo predicting the winner of the Super Bowl seven years in a row,NFL Jerseys Supply.
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — What does a lion who successfully predicts the Patriots' Super Bowl win get for his pick,Cheap Jerseys From China?
A hefty cow bone to gnaw on at Salt Lake City's Hogle Zoo,China Jerseys Free Shipping.
Zoo spokeswoman Erica Hansen said Monday the lion named Vulcan would get the treat for predicting the Patriots' win. Vulcan made the choice without hesitation when faced last week with two papier-mache helmets bearing the logos of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots inside his enclosure,Cheap NBA Jerseys China.
The lion is successfully following in an orangutan's footsteps,Cheap NFL Jerseys.
The Patriots won 28-24 Sunday.
It was Vulcan's first time making a pick since assuming the duty after an orangutan named Eli died in September,Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale.

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