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作者: yueyrt1Nuu    時間: 2018-2-13 20:01     標題: Alex Iwobi Arsenal Jersey UK Dorothy Blackman-Fordyce

Shawn Fordyce, the man who chopped his wife and three daughters last Thursday at Sophia, turned up at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) late Friday night and told the security guard on duty,Cheap Jerseys Online, that he was the injured woman’s brother-in-law and that he wanted to meet her. Luckily, another guard recognized him as the “paper-man”, but before she could have raised an alarm, he became suspicious and quickly exited the hospital’s compound.Shawn Fordyce“Another security who lives in Sophia knows him but she couldn’t tell the other guard who he was talking with, anything because she was scared,Cheap Air Max 97 Trainers, but then he left and when he reach by the step, he murmur ‘I gone kill all dem. I gon finish the job I start’ and he walk out the compound,” a source noted.The injured woman,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Dorothy Blackman-Fordyce, is currently hospitalised in the facility’s High Dependency Unit (HDU) with her 20-year-old daughter, Latoya Wilson, while her younger offspring, 12-year-old Donette Fordyce,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, is in the Pediatric Ward.Yesterday, a relative said that a friend of her aunt received a telephone call from the accused who reportedly told her that he will finish the job he started.“A couple minutes after she received the call from him, my aunt received a call from the hospital. They explained what happened and my family went there and they sleep there (hospital) the night.”The relative said that persons informed her family that her aunt’s attacker was spotted in Berbice.Meanwhile,Air Max 97 Wholesale, in a telephone interview with Shawn Fordyce’s sister, this publication was told that the woman has urged her brother to turn himself in.“I am not saying whatever my brother did was right, but there was a reason why he did that. My brother is a loving person and he did everything for his family. He didn’t even tell us when he married her. There was a time when he used to fetch her on his back out of Sophia, but she change a lot,” the suspect’s sister said.The woman claimed that her brother was “tormented” a lot in his home.Meanwhile,Cheap Jerseys USA, persons knowing the whereabouts of the accused are being asked to contact the nearest police station.

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