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作者: yueyrt1Nuu    時間: 2018-2-13 18:48     標題: Cheap Authentic Jerseys 00 hours on Sunday

Residents of Norton Street, Lodge,Nike Air Max Shoes Sale, (between Victor and John Streets) carried out a fiery protest at aroundDead 49 year-old Orin Sobers10:45 hrs yesterday to show their displeasure at the deplorable state of the thoroughfare. They placed debris across the road and set it alight, preventing traffic and pedestrians from using that section of the road.According to residents, the authorities have been neglecting the road which has been in that state for several months now and has become a traffic hazard, with huge potholes. The intense action was sparked by the demise of former national athlete, Orin Sobers.On Sunday last,Nike Roshe Run Sale Outlet, the 49-year-old Sobers and his reputed wife Kay Pompey were involved in an accident,Cheap Jerseys Store, three houses away from his residence. Sobers succumbed to his injuries while being treated at the Georgetown Public Hospital.According to Pompey at around 23:00 hours on Sunday, Sobers was towing her on a bicycle heading home after attending a function.“When we reach this part we had to slow down because we had to negotiate the holes…I ain’t  know what else happen, but people say that a minibus hit we from behind and the next thing I see is four women standing over me and Orin, trying to put we in a car.”The woman added that while at the hospital she heard doctors discussing Sobers’ condition and not long after she was told that he had died.Meanwhile,Cheap China Jerseys, as the debris was burning yesterday,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, residents surrounded Pompey as she aired her views to the media. Those who spoke with this publication called on the relevant authorities to fix the road before more lives are lost. They said that the holes on the road were a serious hazard since when they are filled with water at night, and even in the day, it makes it hard for motorists to see them.Within minutes of the fire being extinguished road work equipment arrived in the area“This road deh like this awhile now and nobody ain’t doing anything to fix it. Look a man dead and still they ain’t come…when rain fall people who ain’t know the road does come through speeding and when they notice the holes they have to brakes up or drive in the corner and send you running all over,” one resident said.Sobers’ reputed wife Kay PompeyHowever,Air Max 90 Black And White Leather, no one in the area admitted to setting fire to the road which prevented persons from using that section of the road.  Vehicles were seen making u-turns on the road as the fire kept burning. Approximately 45 minutes later, at about 11:30hrs, ranks from the Guyana Fire Service arrived on the scene which was guarded by police ranks, and extinguished the blaze.Meanwhile, within minutes of the fire being put out road work equipment arrived in the area and a crew began doing repair works. Once the works were completed the road was again open to traffic.“This is high class slackness, imagine a man had to lose he life and people had to block the road before they come and fix it… these people really backward”.

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