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作者: yueyrt1Nuu    時間: 2018-2-13 18:45     標題: Cheap NFL Jerseys Rain fall bucket a drop Friday morning. In fact

Rain fall bucket a drop Friday morning. In fact,Cheap Jerseys, dem had so much rain that all who use to boast that flooding is a thing of de past had to shut dem mouth. Road tun river and car tun boat. People normally don’t go to wuk when rain fall but when de rain fall Friday people lef dem house.Dem boys believe that dem woulda see de normal behavior of people staying home and calling in sick.Of course,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, couple days ago all dem streets full of cars. You can’t hope to walk in de city. You come out a minibus and you got to watch how you coming out because a car deh right outside de minibus door.Friday morning although de rain fall de road had more car than any time of de year. Then dem had people. De same people who wouldn’t got to wuk when rain fall suddenly deh pun de road. Who didn’t have raincoat walking wid umbrella. People even walk in de rain. Is de same people who wouldn’t go to wuk in de rain.And when de rain come down de place flood. From de time de water raise Jagdeo jump and holler that de government must get rid of de water. Dem boys get vex right away. This was de same Jagdeo who nearly drown de city in sh**. One of ee minister actually seh that he want an epidemic.Soulja Bai seh that Jagdeo sick in he head.When de place flood de water stay fuh seven days when Jagdeo was president. This time by de time de rain done de water run off. People who come off de plane suddenly start to ask to see de flood that dem hear bout when dem was coming pun de plane.Dem boys seh that Jagdeo ain’t got nutten to talk about suh he look fuh something. Suh dem buy a zip fuh he mouth.Talk half and tell Jagdeo he got to look at videos of he days when rain fall.

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