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標題: Wholesale China Jerseys Dr. Vishwamintra Persaud [打印本頁]

作者: yueyrt1Nuu    時間: 2018-1-12 13:40     標題: Wholesale China Jerseys Dr. Vishwamintra Persaud

Convicted sex felon, Dr. Vishwamintra Persaud, remained in custody yesterday as police continued their investigations into allegations that he sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl.Police officials confirmed that he was still being questioned but it is unclear whether he will be charged.The teen,Cheap Air Max Shoes With Free Shipping, who is from a Berbice community, has told Welfare officials that the physician had penetrative sex with her twice. The first incident allegedly occurred late last year.The girl has been taken into the protective custody of the Child Care and Protection Agency. A medical examination confirmed that she is sexually active.Kaieteur News understands that Dr. Persaud is a relative of the family.The physician is reportedly contending that he is being framed on the rape allegation because he fired a female employee.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, a source said that Welfare officials were aware of the allegations before the employee was fired. The source also contended that the employee is not related to the family making the accusations against Dr. Persaud.Kaieteur News was told that Welfare officials learned of the allegations after receiving an anonymous call from a female.According to statements,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, Dr. Persaud had been staying at the family’s Berbice home last year,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, since he allegedly had nowhere to stay.Dr. Persaud reportedly then opened a business and employed the girls’ parents.Kaieteur News was told that the teen alleged that the doctor first began fondling her,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, and later had penetrative sex with her in November 2010. She alleged that he also had sex with her on another occasion this year.The alleged victim’s 16-year-old sister has told Welfare officials that she became aware that something was amiss after seeing the physician fondle her 13-year-old sibling. The girl alleged that she immediately ordered the physician to leave her parents’ house.Dr. Persaud was barred from practising in Guyana last year after it was revealed that he had been convicted for a sexual offence in the US.He had pleaded guilty on April 18,Wholesale Jerseys From China, 2008 to an attempted course of sexual misconduct against a child. The victim was said to be 17.

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